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Dessert cookies with mint flavor

Dessert cookies with mint flavor

I was inspired by this recipe from jamila but I changed the quantities to some extra ingredients I added mint essence and these wonderful mint-flavored cookies resulted. I really like this combination! : X
From this composition I made cookies with different decor. The ones rolled in powdered sugar that crack it and look so beautiful and the others decorated with candies for decoration.

  • 300 gr flour
  • 250 gr sugar
  • 100 gr cocoa
  • 100 gr butter at room temperature
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla
  • 25 ml mint free
  • a sachet of baking powder
  • 50 gr powdered sugar for rolling
  • for decorating small candies

Servings: 35

Preparation time: less than 60 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Mint flavored dessert cookies:

Mix the butter with the sugar until it becomes foam. Add one egg at a time and mix until you incorporate the 4 eggs. Add the vanilla and mint essence, mix, then add the cocoa and flour mixed with baking powder. We put this composition in the fridge for 1-2 hours.

After the composition has hardened, we form balls. I made two trays: one with balls given by powdered sugar and they came out cracked when baked and the other tray with balls decorated with decorative candies.

I put the trays one by one ... on the second shelf, in the preheated oven at a temperature of 175 degrees C, for 13-15 minutes.


Beat the yolks with sugar, add mascarpone and mix with a spoon or spatula.

Beat the egg whites until a foam is obtained, then add them to the bowl with the yolks and mix gently and carefully.

The coffee is prepared as you like.

The biscuits are soaked in the 350 ml of chilled coffee, to which wine, rum or other drink has been added (the biscuits are quickly softened on one side only).

The biscuits are arranged in a dessert bowl so that they form a compact layer, over which half of the cream is spread. Place the second layer of biscuits and the remaining cream on top.

Leave it in the fridge for 5-6 hours, and before it is served, sprinkle it with cocoa and decorate it with a fresh mint leaf.

Mint liqueur (homemade) recipe for natural liqueur without dye

Mint liqueur (homemade) recipe for natural liqueur without dye. How to make mint liqueur without boiling, prepared cold? Fine liqueur without brandy, brandy or brandy. Mentholated liqueur very refreshing and aromatic. Recipe for Peppermint Liquor or Pfefferminzlikor.

This mint liqueur is very comforting, fragrant and tasty if it is prepared with the head and quality ingredients are used. Of course, homemade liqueur will not have the color of the commercial one, which is much greener due to the dyes (as was the Arctic liqueur of the past). We did not put dyes so our liqueur has a natural color due to the oxidation process of green mint leaves. I used a delicious personal recipe to prepare this mint liqueur.

In Arad we have a long tradition in the preparation of mint liqueur but also of other fine drinks. The Spirit and Yeast Factory from Arad (now Indagrara) founded in 1851 by Adolf Neuman was the most modern factory of the time in Southeast Europe. Next to it there was a mill, as well as a pig farm. The factory and the mill were transformed into a joint-stock company in 1922, remaining the property of the Neuman family until its nationalization in 1948. The facilities remained operational for over a hundred years, being dismantled, unfortunately, after 1990. (source)

Arad only has to thank the Neuman family whose members were, practically, the founders of the Arad industry from the time of the Empire. They were great lovers of Arad, of sports, the construction of the UTA ARAD stadium (in just a few months!) Belonging to the textile factory (ITA-Intreprinderea Textilă Arad, later Uzina Textilă Arad), which was also built, was linked to the name of Baron Francisc von Neuman. put into use in the middle of the war in 1945. Unfortunately the stadium was demolished and even after 6 years it still shows no signs of being ready, although apparently it is still being worked on & # 8230

What alcohol is used for a fine homemade liqueur?

My mint liqueur is not a mint tea (ie a stew) mixed with a stinky brandy (called "brandy")! I don't want to drink something like that at all. We don't boil cherries, cherries or raspberries when we want to make liqueur. Here mint must be the "main character" and not the various undefined fruits of which some make "brandy, brandy or brandy". Here we are not talking about the authentic plum brandy or the clean brandy of pears, apricots or cherries that have over 55 ° even up to 60 °. These are not spoiled by a healthy person to make liqueur out of them & # 8230 In general, people have the impression that any "homemade" distillate with a few degrees of strength is good to put in cherries or other liqueurs. Wrong! Fine liqueurs are made with refined double alcohol or vodka because these two are neutral in terms of smell and do not interfere with the main ingredient: mint, raspberries, cherries, sour cherries, quinces, etc. & # 8211 I leave the recipes at the end. Vodka and commercially refined double alcohol are made from cereals or potatoes, so they are also natural.

This mint liqueur is prepared cold with green (fresh) garden mint leaves soaked in odorless alcohol and then sweetened. Because mint is not as juicy as fruit and leaves no water, I had to make a sugar syrup that reduces the degrees of alcohol. A liqueur has between 22-30 ° and these must be obtained by lowering from 38 ° of vodka or 96 ° of double refined alcohol. You will see below how to proceed.

I also made mint syrup last year & # 8211 very fragrant and tasty & # 8211 the recipe here.

From the ingredients below it results approx. 500 ml of mint liqueur.

Almond flavor for authentic BIO dessert recipes 4 ampoules x 2ml

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