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6 tasty ways to use veg in your cake recipes

6 tasty ways to use veg in your cake recipes

Carrot cake is a staple afternoon tea treat, but have you tried baking with other vegetables, too? Root veg give a lovely natural sweetness, moisture and texture to bakes.

These muffin and cake recipes hero beetroot, parsnips, sweet potato and squash – giving you even more ways to include a portion of veg into your day. So put your garden harvest to good use and start baking!

This satisfying afternoon-tea treat is super-moist thanks to the puréed pumpkin. The clementine and fresh ginger icing gives it a little kick, perfect served with a mug of tea.

Parsnips, beetroot and carrots keep this cake deliciously soft and add a subtly sweet, earthy flavour; while apricots and pumpkin seeds give it a lovely texture. The creamy, slightly tangy yoghurt icing rounds it off perfectly.

Brilliantly retro, this spinach and ricotta roulade will wow dinner party guests – it’s all about those beautiful colours! This is a great gluten-free option, that everyone will love.

Rich, sticky and oh-so chocolatey, This is a fantastic baking recipe to make with kids. The almonds add even more lovely, gooey texture. Delicious served with a dollop of sharp yoghurt.

Jamie says: “When I was little, a gym opened around our way and it had a juice bar where they served this amazing carrot cake with a twangy sour cream topping. My mate Peter Begg, the friendly Scotsman, suggested I swap carrot for beetroot, which I did, and the result was marvellous. Thanks Pete!”

Another savoury recipe, these muffins are the perfect brekkie, and sure to keep you feeling full until lunch. Jamie says: “I like to make the muffin mixture and divide it up the night before, ready to bake fresh in the morning – that way you can even bake off portions as and when you want to eat them.”

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