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15 Most Expensive Celebrity Parties of the Year

15 Most Expensive Celebrity Parties of the Year

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They’re the parties we all wanted to be invited to — you know, great food, open bar, killer entertainment, and often, even a red carpet. Some celebrities party all the time, while others host events on occasion. Still, whether they’re in Hollywood, New York, Chicago, Florida, Washington, D.C., or in the Caribbean, A-listers know how to have a good time. But have you ever dreamed of going to a soirée so elaborate that guests had to sign a confidentiality agreement?

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The menus can be extravagant — caviar and lamb, for example — or they can be simple, like hot dogs and donuts. But no matter what is served, a lot of star power and a lot of money can make for memorable parties. Think themed parties, extravagant parting gifts, and star-studded guest lists.

Big birthday parties were trendy this year, like the first birthday celebration for the daughter of one celebrity couple, who threw a six-figure bash complete with high-priced costumes and a very expensive cake. And a few celebs on our list had milestone birthdays this year, which meant a lot of celebrating!

A lot of celebrity weddings got our attention in 2013, too. One Oscar winner’s vow renewal required renting out the entire resort where the ceremony took place; a reality star’s remarriage at a luxe hotel included a guest list with celebrity friends, a menu of comfort food and two outfits for the bride. And another wedding’s bill topped out at $10 million!

Highbrow industry parties always feature great food and fashion and draw lots of celebrities. But which star wore a $26,000 dress? Who met the president at another event? And what kind of food did a celebrity chef serve guests at one of Hollywood’s biggest parties?

To find out, here's you a peek inside some of the most expensive celebrity parties of the year.

Rich-people food has changed radically since the early 90s

The cover of The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous Cookbook—Recipes and Entertaining Secrets from the Most Extraordinary People in the World, is like a hidden pictures game from Highlights magazine imploring you to circle the signifiers of wealth. Lobsters flank a platter of canapés. A silver bowl mounded with caviar rests on a bed of ice. In the foreground a plate appears to be sauced with a gold leaf purée. White chocolate-dipped strawberries and a classic Charlotte Royale peek out from behind a dinner jacketed Robin Leach, holding a glass of Champagne. Crystal glasses and heavy silver abound, daring you to guess which to use first.

I have a slight obsession with thrift store cookbooks. Yes, I’ve scored classics like Laurel’s Kitchen for pennies, but what I really love are books that speak of a time and a place in their very obsolescence—you’ll never cook an actual meal from these books, and perhaps you were never intended to in the first place. What The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous Cookbook does instead is preserve in amber what fancy food meant in 1991, and, on a larger scale, what the idea of wealth and fame signified a generation ago.

The people who are profiled in this book can be divided up into a few rough categories, namely old Hollywood, royalty, business luminaries, and celebrities. The menu for Elizabeth Taylor’s 1991 wedding at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch is included, as well as the menu from Ernest and Tova Borgnine’s vow renewal ceremony on a yacht. Joan Collins, of Dynasty fame, shares her recipe for spaghetti bolognese, which she serves on plates accented in 24-karat gold. Ivana Trump shows off her own gold table settings at a “girlfriends lunch” in her Connecticut mansion, at which she serves Moroccan salmon and foie gras stuffed pastry.

In the recently released documentary Generation Wealth filmmaker Lauren Greenfield looks back over the past 25 year she has spent documenting the lifestyles of the very wealthy, a time period that begins just after The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous Cookbook was published. The film is part of a larger photography exhibit and retrospective which Greenfield describes as, “looking at how the American dream has been kind of taken over by the values of consumerism. It’s about our aspiration to wealth.”

In 1991, at least in the pages of Leach’s cookbook, wealth seemed far removed from the average person—you read because you wanted a peek into the castle, to glimpse the details of a gala, a celebrity wedding, or how stars behaved at home. A generation later we’re used to seeing celebrities in workout gear, slurping iced lattes with no makeup on, and not just imagining ourselves buying, and eating, the same things, but making the same consumer choices, and even buying their brands. How did we go from Folgers Crystals versus hand-pulled espresso, to Starbucks for all?

The 5 Most Expensive Celebrity Cars In Hollywood

When you live in a world of all things sparkly, you have to ride on all wheels sparkly. These cars may not have diamonds encrusted on them (although there is a possibility for that) but they still manage to steal all the thunder of their star owners wherever they go. After all, even Batman is incomplete without his Batmobile. Here is a list of the 5 most expensive cars in Hollywood.

Jay Z’s Maybach Excelero – Price: $8 Million

Jay-Z gets top rank on this list of celebrities who drive the most expensive cars in Hollywood with his Maybach Exelero. The first thing that a lot of people think when they see the $8,000,000 car is ‘Hey, it’s the bat mobile!’ Yes, it definitely is reminiscent of Batman’s trustworthy vehicle.
It’s not a surprise that he owns such an expensive car, because he is always on the Forbes lists of the wealthiest people in the world. While the Maybach Exelero has been originally manufactured as a one-off back in 2005 for Fulda Tires, the company now offers it to the public.

Flo Rida’s Golden Bugatti Veyron – Price: $1.7 Million

This shiny object is a custom Bugatti Veyron owned by rapper Flo Rida, real name Tramar Dillard. The $1.7 million car started out life in a pearlescent white hue but Flo Rida eventually got bored of this and went with a chrome finish. Clearly, just owning a Veyron wasn’t attention grabbing enough for the rapper.

Simon Cowell’s Bugatti Veyron – Price: $1.7 Million

Simon Cowell is one of the judges on the international show American Idol, and he owns a Bugatti Veyron. The model that costed him $1,700,000. His ride can reach 60mph in just 2.5 seconds. From there, he can rev it up to about 267 mph. This makes the Veyron one of the fastest cars in the world. He also owns an Ferrari and a Rolls-Royce Phantom.

Nicolas Cage’s Ferrari Enzo – Price: $670,000

Nicolas Cage is an American actor, director and producer. He has performed in leading roles in a variety of films, ranging from romantic comedies and dramas to sf and action movies. He is known as one of the most highest paid actors. He owns a Ferrari Enzo, which was worth $670,000.

David Beckham’s Rolls-Royce Phantom – Price: $407,000

David Beckham is seen driving his custom Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead with his sons over Beverly Hills very often. This magnificent beast cost him $407,000. The customization made the car cost him so much. It sports a set of custom built Savini Forged wheels.

For her 40 th birthday party, the sultry singer only wanted a simple, intimate gathering with her closest friends. So, Mariah Carey, along with her husband, Nick Cannon, and 11 of their friends, flew out of New York to Barbados on a private jet. Yes, that was how she celebrated her simple and intimate birthday party.

Heiress, socialite, model and It-girl Paris Hilton had an impressive birthday party that went on for days over different major cities in the world. Her parties were held in Tokyo, London, New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. Hilton reportedly spent $75,000 per guest for the several-day extravaganza. For her New York City party leg, it was held in the Studio 54 clubroom with food prepared by Le Cirque's Sirio Maccioni. Her birthday cake had 21 tiers and cost over $3,000. In attendance were the entire Hilton family, Donald Trump, P. Diddy, Kris Jenner, Samantha Cole, and Faye Resnick, among others.

8 Leonardo DiCaprio

Just living one day in the life of Leonardo DiCaprio would be a very happy birthday. So what does the man who never ages do to celebrate his extravagant life? It starts with the letter “m.” Leo and models is a classic pair like peanut butter and jelly. However, on his birthday his usual posse of ten surrounding models exponentially increases.

Not only visually does DiCaprio have it covered, but his parties also deliver with star-studded entertainment. One of his birthday parties at TAO Nightclub in New York City had both 2-Chainz and Kayne West perform. In his authentic activist form, he raised over $3 million for his charity.

The Surrealist Ball (1972)

The Surrealist Ball followed the Proust Ball the next year. Proust may have been considered Rothschild’s greatest triumph, but the Surrealist photos are legendary. Among the 150 guests were Salvador Dalí, Audrey Hepburn, and members of various royal families from throughout Europe. Rothschild dressed as a fallen stag, her mask adorned with giant diamond tear drops. Famously, the invitations were printed backward, so they would have to be read with a mirror, and dessert was a life-size naked woman (made of sugar) lying on a bed of roses.

#10 Liza Minnelli’s Wedding

When Michael Jackson’s is your best man, and Elizabeth Taylor is your maid of honor you can be sure you get your wedding on our list!

When Liza Minnelli married David Gest and they made sure to spare no expense for the most important day of their life!

Most Expensive Parties Ever Thrown: #10 Liza Minnelli’s Wedding

Elvis Presley's former Los Angeles property sold this year for $29.3 million.

Elvis bought the property in 1970 for his family, and the musician lived there until he and his wife, Priscilla, separated. Priscilla continued living in the home until 1975. In August 2020, the house and the next-door parcel of land sold for $29.3 million.

The house — which was most recently owned by Redken's late founder Paula Kent Meehan — has undergone several transformations since the Presleys called it home. The house now has seven bedrooms, two guest houses, a tennis court, and a pool.

1 of 21

Derek Jeter, $29M

Location: Tampa Bay, Florida

In mid-September, the Hall of Fame Yankees shortstop and his model wife, Hannah, put their Tampa Bay mansion on the market for $29 million, represented by Stephen Gay with Smith & Associates Real Estate.

The property is reportedly the most expensive and largest house to ever be built in the area. Jeter built the approximately 30,000-square-foot waterfront home &mdash nicknamed &ldquoSt. Jetersburg,&rdquo after the nearby city of St. Petersburg &mdash in 2011.

It boasts seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a six-car garage, two boat lifts, nearly 9,000 square feet of outdoor space and an 80-foot-long saltwater lap pool with a spa. Surrounding the home is a six-foot-tall privacy wall that local residents reportedly dubbed &ldquoThe Great Wall of Jeter.&rdquo

Earlier in 2020, Jeter rented the property to Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen after the NFL player decided to leave the New England Patriots and signed with the Buccaneers.

Most Expensive Celebrity Baby Parties | Top 10

The next costly celebrity baby party is Kennedy Armstrong‘s.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Taylor Armstrong, decided that her daughter needs a fancy, London-inspired birthday party, so she threw her a tea party at the Houdini Mansion, that costed $60.000.

The expensive party came with stylish china cups, floating tea pots and gorgeous flowers. I wonder if she wasn’t afraid that the china cups would be dropped and smashed, because we’re talking about a kid’s birthday party here.

Taylor is known for her fancy parties, and explained the over-the-top party as something that people would expect her to do, because she is a real housewife, after all.

Real housewife or not, that is a tad too much.

Most Expensive Celebrity Baby Parties – Taylor Armstrong and daughter Kennedy Most Expensive Celebrity Baby Parties – Taylor Armstrong and daughter Kennedy

The Sultan of Brunei is a royal head of state, not a celebrity, but his 50th birthday celebration was one of the most extravagant parties ever held. He entertained his guests with a $16 million Michael Jackson concert and also served them exquisite caviar and champagne. The total bill for the entire event, which was held back in 1996, came to $27.2 million.

Of course when you splurge on a party to such a large degree, you also want all of the best details for yourself and your guests. Here are some of the most expensive extras that people have splurged on of late:


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