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We boil the water together with the salt and when it boils we sprinkle a little corn. After a few minutes, when the water started to boil, pour a little corn (two coats) and stir continuously so that no lumps form, then add the rest of the corn. If the polenta is too soft, add more cornstarch, mixing in one. Boiling time: 5 minutes in continuous mixing.

Put in a saucepan a little homemade lard or fat in which we fried the sausages, put a layer of polenta, then put a layer of crushed cheese, followed by polenta and cheese. Put the bulzul in the oven for 10 minutes.

We fry the sausages. We prepare on a plate a portion of bulz, fried sausages and pickled ghebe.

Yes, I know we all miss the sun. The quarantine in which we have been obedient for almost a month has widened us of his warm and beneficent presence. Especially in the last.

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Fine & # 038 Delicate. Butter with chives flowers and salt.

As I said on other occasions, spices -.

Sophisticated: Green asparagus cream soup

Like radishes, spinach, leurda, onions and green garlic.

Creamy barley with spinach and green asparagus

Barley (short pasta that resembles rice), milk, spinach, Parmesan.

With a taste of sun, sea and long life: Cake with.

The olive tree, an old and wise tree, is not far off.

Sophisticated: Quiche with three cheeses and sun-dried tomatoes

It is not known exactly who were the ones who did.




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The spicy chicken legs will be delicious at lunch

With a little creativity, you can give a very good taste to chicken legs. You can season them a few hours before putting them in the oven and you will get delicious flavors, to everyone's liking.

Along with the chicken legs, you can serve at lunch, a boiled brown rice, which is very easy for the body, or a vegetable-based garnish, depending on the preferences of family members. Chicken legs can be cooked without skin, so that lunch is as healthy as possible.

Romanian cuisine

Romanian cuisine "every day"

Bucharest - January 13, 2005

Smaranda, the gourmet of the team will entice you today with new recipes. . press release

Romanian evening

Venus, Constanta - August 7, 2014

Saturday 09 August at 20:45 We invite you to a Romanian party. Venue: Melodia Hotel Swimming Pool. Romanian gastronomic art, traditions and our dance deserve to be highlighted. press release

Try a Romanian food with tradition!

Bucharest - May 12, 2016

A delicious portion of food is always to the liking of anyone who wants to serve a hearty lunch at the office or at home. . press release


Bucharest - September 2, 2009

A team of climbers led by Teodor Tulpan - the first Romanian to reach Everest - leaves for Kilimanjaro. press release

5 years of excellence on the Romanian market

Brasov, Brasov - September 23, 2010

Dexion Hi-Lo celebrates 5 years since the first Romanian employees joined the Dexion family, laying the foundations of a new era of the storage systems market in Romania. press release

Romanian Book for Bessarabia

Bucharest - June 3, 2009

. Romanian for Bessarabia ’. The action consists in collecting books Romanian at national level in Romania in order to complete the book fund in schools. press release

Wealth from the Romanian press

Bucharest - May 16, 2007

"Financial Week" made, for the first time, the catalog of assets of those who make the law in the media: managers, journalists with leadership positions, opinion formers. . press release


Bucharest - May 24, 2005

A new gold medal was added by the Bucharest International High School of Informatics (ICHB) to this year's international record. Alexandru George Rosoiu, a 12th grade student, impressed the jury of the International Mathematical Project Competition. press release

Romanian photography in Nuremberg

Brasov, Brasov - September 5, 2006

On September 8, 2006, the opening of the exhibition 'An exercise of looking' by the Brasov photographer Mihai Moiceanu will take place in Nuremberg. The exhibition is an integral part of the Romanian Festival 2006, organized by the Ars Lon Intercultural Association. press release

A new range of Philips mobile phones on the Romanian market

Bucharest - January 18, 2011

. Romanian through the authorized Star Print distributor within GSM networks. press release

GIANNABEST: an Italian summer in a Romanian autumn

Bucharest - September 23, 2008

Gianna Nannini sang on the stage of the Romanian Arenas in the Capital in front of over 4000 spectators in a concert presented by Fiat Bravo and organized by Events. . press release

Softnet - Romanian brand presence at CeBit 2004

Bucharest - April 5, 2004

SoftNet Development & Consulting SA, a member of the SoftNet group of companies, became the first company in Romania to present its products and services at the IBM stand for business partners at a major international event. . press release

The artists support the Romanian civil society

Bucharest - April 27, 2010

The theater company "Passe Partout Dan Puric", Dan Byron and Lu Cozma, Les Elephants Bizarres and HI-Q on the ONGFest stage. press release

Romanian participation in IST Africa 2007

Bucharest - June 13, 2007

The Computerized Educational System in Romania is an example to follow for countries interested in introducing information technology in education. press release

Tunisia adopts the Romanian eLearning solution

Bucharest - July 13, 2009

Students and teachers in Tunisian pre-university education will benefit from AeL interactive lessons. press release

Unique anniversary in Romanian research.

Bucharest - September 22, 2010

The ICPE group of organizations celebrates the first 60 years of activity. . press release

Unique anniversary in Romanian research.

Bucharest - September 23, 2010

The ICPE group of organizations celebrates the first 60 years of activity. . press release

Romanian Week at the seventh edition!

Bucharest - September 10, 2008

. Romanian at the seventh edition, Honor the traditions with Pastorel Teodoreanu! Arrived at the seventh edition, the well-known event Week Romanian takes place this year in the week of September 8-14 in all hotels. press release

Stephan Pelger promotes Romanian fashion in London

Bucharest - April 12, 2010

Stephan Pelger was chosen to represent Romania at the Charity Pop-Up Exhibition held in London on April 1-4. . press release

Romanian solution adopted globally

Iasi, Iasi - March 10, 2010

Between March 1 and 4, 2010, in Turin, the European Capital of Youth 2010, EuroDEMOS (internationally recognized organization) was the partner of the Municipality of Turin in organizing the International Forum Democracy 2.0 - Sustainable. press release

Unique anniversary in Romanian research.

September 30, 2010, 13:00, BUCHAREST / Venue: Snagov Palace,,

Launch of the book "UNIQUE AND DIFFERENT" - Romanian book for personal development

December 12, 2012, 6:30 pm, BUCHAREST / Venue: La Gondola Restaurant, Str. Nicolae Caramfil, 2C

ADIEMUS in the Romanian premiere

November 11, 2006, 18:00, BUCHAREST / Venue: "Mihail Jora" Concert Studio,,

The Romanian economy in the perspective of 2009

September 19, 2008, 9:30, BUCHAREST / Venue: Hotel Opal,,


October 18, 2007, 9:00, BUCHAREST / Venue: Com. Moieciu de sus, Brasov County,,

ONGFest- Artists support Romanian civil society

April 27, 2007, BUCHAREST / Venue: Unirii Park,,

Seminar "Integration of people with Down syndrome in Romanian society".

March 21, 2006, 10:00, BUCHAREST / Venue: City Hall of Sector 1, Council Hall, 1st floor,,

Stepping in the man's shoes @ Harem Restaurant & Lounge

February 14 - February 15, 2015, 23:00, BUCHAREST / Venue: Harem Restaurant & Lounge, Soseaua Nordului, 7-9

Undress the Night @ Harem Restaurant & Lounge

February 6 - February 7, 2015, 23:00, BUCHAREST / Venue: Harem Restaurant & Lounge, Sos. Nordului, 7-9

10% ExtraDiscount on products from the Kitchen Accessories category - Until 31 August

August 12 - August 31, 2013, includes press releases issued by companies operating in diversified fields such as: politics, business, sports, lifestyle, information and news about the most publicized personalities or institutions in Romania. This section is dedicated to the press releases that refer to the subject Romanian cuisine.

This area will focus on the latest releases related to Romanian cuisine. The information about Romanian cuisine contained in these communiqués is transmitted by the representatives of the companies whose activity is related to the subject of Romanian cuisine, therefore the responsibility for their content rests with the respective companies. If you want to get in touch with the representatives of the companies that issued the communiqués regarding the Romanian cuisine, we invite you to access their contact pages.

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Singing fountain

singing fountain
Firefighters today had a less routine rescue operation. They were urgently called to save a kitten, from a 25 meter deep fountain, in Dumbravita. The kitten fell while playing. [..] Other information about: cat rescued from the fountain, cat rescue, cat, firefighters

The accessory you need for a dream garden!

singing fountain
Fountains are essential for a special garden. These are a necessity in your garden, because they give fresh air and spread peace and relaxation. If you want to have a garden admired by everyone, we offer some unique variants of fountains for your garden, which will surely attract the attention of all guests, and gardening enthusiasts will envy the decor created with the help of fountains. Here are some brilliant ideas: [..] Other information about: garden fountain, garden, fountain, decorative fountain

Accident on the Bucharest-Ploiesti road, near the Miorita fountain: 3 injured

singing fountain
Three people were injured, one seriously, in an accident that took place on Wednesday at noon on the Bucharest-Ploiesti road, near the Miorita fountain. The driver of a Dacia car of color [..] Other information about: accident, injured, Bucharest-Pitesti road

4 reasons not to drive spiders out of the garden

singing fountain
Many novice gardeners destroy any spider webs found in the garden, but this boost is not always a good idea for the ecosystem in your yard. There are at least 4 good reasons not to drive spiders out of the garden and especially not to kill them. [..] Other information about: study spiders, pests, garden insects, garden spiders, songbirds

Discover the most interesting swan species!

singing fountain
Swans are among the most beloved waterfowl, due to the elegance and noble air they possess. There are only seven species of swans in the world, and the most famous species is the mute swan (Cygnus olor), which is also found in our country. Less known, the other species of swans attract attention by the color of the plumage or by a series of particular characteristics. [..] Other information about: swan, birds, swans, swan species

Singer's fountain

singing fountain
The water flows to the rhythm of the music. And people are especially excited about her "dance" because they come every night to watch and listen to her. It is not a water fairy, but [..]

The traffic resumes on the Casa Presei - Baneasa route

singing fountain
The road traffic between Casa Presei Libere and Baneasa Airport will be reopened on Sunday, at 16.00, announced the Minister of Transports Radu Berceanu. The route was closed two weeks from [..]

What a birdwatching vacation offers you

singing fountain
Tourists who love nature and want to be able to observe it without intervening have the opportunity to choose birdwatching vacations. [..] Other information about: birdwatching, vacanta

March to commemorate the Revolution of 89 in the Capital

singing fountain
The New Golani action group, together with the December 21, 1989 Association and the Bucharest Association, will organize on December 21 a march commemorating the 1989 Revolution in the Capital. The march will begin [..] Other information about: march commemorating the revolution

Morning bath in Spain Square

singing fountain
Tourists and Italians who were in the Spanish Square on Sunday morning had at least an unusual view. A young man undressed in front of the crowd and threw himself naked in [..]

Rudolph Park will be redeveloped after the 1903 project

singing fountain
At the beginning of the last century, Rudolph Park in the Livada Postei neighborhood of Brasov was the favorite place for the locals' promenade. In an attempt to revive the atmosphere of the early twentieth century, [..]

The fountain of youth exists in the Bahamas

singing fountain
The famous illusionist David Copperfield claims that he has found the secret of youth without old age. This time it's not about magic and spells, he says. & quotThe Fountain of Youth & quot exists with [..]

Learn to build a bird house in the garden yourself

singing fountain
What could be more beautiful than waking up in the morning in trills of birds? But in order to be sure that the winged singers make their nest in your garden, build them houses! Here's what you need to make them bird nests: [..] Other information about: bird house, do it yourself, bird houses, how to, diy, birds, building bird houses, diy projects

Win an ideal fountain for oriental or Feng Shui decor!

singing fountain
The way the house we live in is decorated and arranged is extremely important for our mental health. The house is the place we retire after a hectic day at work, the place where we get rid of the stress accumulated during the day and recharge our batteries for the next day. If work [..] Other information about: contest, fountain, decorations

How to completely change the look of the garden with the help of fountains

singing fountain
A house surrounded by a garden with a lot of vegetation, alleys, flowing fountains, special architectural elements and a lot of peace is the dream of many. You can turn it into reality, if you have enough space in the garden. Get inspired by the beauty of gardens whose central elements are different models of fountains. [..] Other information about: garden fountains, garden design, fountains, garden design, garden, fountain

Accident in the prime minister's column

singing fountain
A traffic officer from the Capital's Traffic Police Brigade traveling by motorcycle in front of the official column in which Prime Minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu was was injured by [..]

How to arrange the garden if you don't want your dog to destroy it

singing fountain
Do you love your dog, but do you want him to stop destroying your garden? Well then you have to find a balance between arranging the garden and the places where the dog has access. Here are some tips that will help you: [..] Other information about: garden protection, garden design, garden, dog, pets

Preparations for Etnovember

singing fountain
The Brasov Local Council approved yesterday the allocation of the amount of 25,000 lei from the local budget, for financing the organization of this year's edition of the Etnovember Festival, organized between 17-20 [..]

Ethnotourism with baclavale

singing fountain
In the village of Baspunar, where almost 400 ethnic Turks live, the oriental traditions have been very well preserved. Baspunar seems frozen at the beginning of the last century. Small adobe houses, [..]

See "Loca", the new Shakira video

singing fountain
Shakira's long-awaited "Loca" video was posted on the Internet on Wednesday night. And in this material, we see Shakira in top shape, walking with rollers, traveling on a motorcycle and dancing hard in an artesian well. The filming of the video took place on the streets [..] Other information about: video, shakira, loca

Catalin Maruta's grandmother died

singing fountain
After finding out about the tragedy that happened at his grandparents' house in Gorj County, Catalin Maruta went there in a heartbeat to be with his relatives. His 83-year-old grandmother died [..]

Annie Lenox's house, ruined

singing fountain
The London home of pop star Annie Lenox was devastated by more than a hundred teenagers who came there by chance, finding out on the internet that the artist's 16-year-old daughter is giving a party [..]

Arrange your yard as if you were on a continuous vacation

singing fountain
The holiday can be as close as your garden. If you don't want to miss it so much after the holidays, take action! Here's how you can turn your yard into a relaxing place like the holidays in exotic locations: [..] Other information about: yard design, yard design, garden design, yard, vacation

Decorative potted grass can radically change the look of your garden

singing fountain
Decorative grass is used more and more often in garden design, although until a few years ago it was considered a weed. Planted in pots, the decorative grass becomes a versatile aesthetic element, which can radically change not only the appearance of the garden, but also that of the yard or terrace. For this, you just need to choose the most suitable varieties of decorative grass and some special pots. [..] Other information about: grass, garden design, decorative grass, potted grass

Learn to build a bird house in the garden yourself

singing fountain
What could be more beautiful than waking up in the morning in trills of birds? But in order to be sure that the winged singers make their nest in your garden, build them houses! Here's what you need to make bird nests: [..] Other information about: birds, how to, garden birds, bird houses, building bird houses

I went through this pandemic in vain

Me, I mean when I say I passed in vain. Well, it's been almost two months since we've been in the house and I haven't broken down into thousands of pieces, just to put it back together. I haven't taken personal development classes, I haven't read all the books I haven't read yet, I haven't discovered my self, I haven't meditated for a long time on who we are, as people, and where we are going, I have not even learned to love myself. What's more, I'm an animal, this isolation passed me like a rapid stop at Ciulnița.

Instead, I came to some conclusions that might really suit me in the future.

▶ ️ I realized about how much I bought "on impulse" before the pandemic. I am referring, of course, to shopping for the necessities of life, purchases that, since isolation, I have done almost exclusively online (only on the mega that I missed about three times). I found that each time the value of the voucher was about 200 lei lower than if I had gone to the supermarket. That you know what it's like, when you see yourself there among the shelves, you feel like taking that one too, that it's only ten lei, to put in the basket and the other one, that it's just a hangover, and look, until I got home they were still gathering these 200 lei I'm telling you about. Therefore, as much as possible I will keep this habit for after the waters calm down. I mean online ordering, of course.

▶ ️ For years I imagined how cool it would be to work from home. As I would wake up in the morning, I would drink my coffee, after which I would start to do my job comfortably and relaxed in homemade clothes and slippers. Do you know what? It's not cool at all, and if I want something, I want it to end this virus crap faster and get me back to my office. There are probably people reading this and shrugging "Boss, you're crazy, it's much cooler at home". Well done to them, but for me personally, it was infinitely harder. The workflow is much more complicated, the ideas are much harder for me, all the things that were so simple at the office, suddenly became much more complicated. Therefore, go, I will only work from home when I need an extended weekend to go somewhere, and I will tell those in the office that "I work remotely this Friday". Wink-wink.

▶ ️ I started running again. Yes, although I wanted to do this for years, I never found the motivation and drive to do it. Look, I'm back now. Or, well, I was back. Because, being an idiot by birth, I went out the other day without doing any warm-up, I easily inflamed my right meniscus and now it hurts to pee on myself. It's okay, it's over, and I still have at least five months left to enjoy running outside.

▶ ️ Perhaps the most important thing I noticed during all this time was to see that I enjoy being with the woman next to me 24 hours a day. That it's cool, that we can talk even when you feel like you have nothing left, or that, on the contrary, we can each see what we have to do, without stepping on the weeds. In short, it was and is very hard to see that not only do we not want to take our eyes off each other, but we feel better and better about each other. I know, I know, you're going to take me with "come on, boss, what's the big deal?" Well, for me it was important to note that, I reconfirmed that I had made the right decisions and that I was where I wanted to be.

Ready. Let me hear you complaining all the time. Here's how many positive articles you have above. Now I'm going to clean my blisters and recharge energetically with high vibration.

Brasov Philharmonic: #Music gives power - Musical Gift in the Passion Week

The Brasov Philharmonic has always been present in the life of the Brasov community and through the #muzicadaputere solidarity campaign, it manifests its presence even now, in these moments of rehearsal, through a Pascal Symphonic Concert. In a unique and music-specific way, the Philharmonic becomes the link that unites the beauty of the Brasov community, showing the most sensitive values ​​that define humanity.

Monday, April 13, 2020, 12:35 p.m.

3. Vegan hyperprotein smoothie

In case you are looking for very good recipes for breakfast or snack, you can try this protein-rich smoothie! This hyperprotein smoothie is not only suitable for those who go to the gym, but also for those who want to consume more protein. Hemp seeds are ideal in combination with peanut butter, bananas and rice protein powder!

Recipe lunch

The best recipes for lunch waiting to be implemented! Here you will find a large number of recipes for a quick, healthy and delicious lunch so that your meals will always be diverse and full of flavor!

Food type +

  • Aperitifs (247)
  • Drinks (60)
  • Soups (61)
  • Desserts (362)
  • Dishes (678)
  • Seals (75)
  • Masonry and bricklaying (12)
  • Salads (195)
  • Sauces (66)
  • Soups (121)
  • Bread (18)
  • Mamaliga (6)
  • Finger Food (413)

Method of preparation +

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Preparation time +

By origin +

  • Romanesti (113)
  • Italian (168)
  • Greek (19)
  • American (39)
  • Bulgaria (2)
  • French (26)
  • Chinese (19)
  • Indian (22)
  • Turkish (17)
  • Mexican (12)
  • Spanish (8)
  • Hungarian (2)

After the occasion +

After lunch -

Other features +

Meatballs are one of the most versatile dishes, and can be served in many ways. Shape, taste and.

I have a big problem. I was left with a lot of boiled Easter eggs. So, out of the desire to consume them quickly, not to spoil.

Although it is not as well known and as well prepared as other types of jam, mint is an alternative.

The celebration of St. Valentine, a tradition with ancient Roman and Christian roots, has become increasingly popular.

Baking is one of the healthiest methods of cooking, under the conditions in which the dishes will be able to cook.

Every year, the magic of Christmas envelops us and we are not only happy to decorate our house as beautifully as possible, but also to surprise them.

Appearing in the Ottoman Empire, sarmalele have gained a place over time on all holiday tables. Sarmales are.

Madness or not, Roma's preferences for fast food seem to be directed more towards burger recipes, not towards.

C & acircnd you want to offer your loved ones a tasty and nutritious dish, without having to spend a lot of time & icircn.

Dozens of country-specific recipes have been derived from the simple and classic French fries recipe over time. There it is.

During hot days, on the one hand, you want to spend less time in the kitchen and, on the other hand.

A wonderful lunch or dinner in a frying pan made of simple ingredients!

A hot dish with meat and potatoes for the whole family! It is especially tasty served with fermented cream.


& # 8211 salt and black pepper - to taste

& # 8211 1 tablespoon tomato paste


1. Mix the flour with salt, make a hole, add egg and water, mix with a fork, then knead a soft and non-sticky dough.

2. Put the dough in a plastic bag and let it rest for 15 minutes.

3. Mix the minced meat with chopped onion, salt and black pepper to taste.

4. Divide the dough in half and round the pieces.

5. Spread a thin rectangular top, cut it in half, cover with minced meat and roll 2 lengthwise.

6. Glue the edges well and cut the rolls into pieces.

7. Heat the pan with oil, fry the onion cut into small pieces until it becomes translucent, then add the grated carrot, tomato paste, mix and cook the vegetables together.

8. Pour a little water, spread the potatoes cut into thick slices, then place the pieces of dough with meat.

9. Pour 500 ml of water with a little salt, cover the pan with a lid and cook for 35-40 minutes over medium heat.

If you have not yet tasted this filling and tasty dish, it is the right time to do it!

Video: Traditional Romanian Food in Brasov, Romania (June 2022).


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