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Holy Mole! There’s a New Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Out There

Holy Mole! There’s a New Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Out There

Ben and Jerry’s teams up with the Chipotle Cultivate festival to offer a brand new Holy Mole flavor to lucky Minneapolis fans

Cinnamon ice cream + chiles = delicious. Why has this not been done before?

Ben and Jerry’s creative team is at it again, this time by marrying the flavors of cinnamon, chocolate, and mole sauce in ice cream form. Meet “Holy Mole,” the new Ben and Jerry’s flavor, a cinnamon-flavored ice cream with chocolate covered cinnamon crisps and mole fudge swirl — an exclusive flavor that will be up for grabs at the Chipotle Cultivate Festival this coming weekend in Minneapolis. Only the first 1,000 fans will get to sample this unusual frozen creation, so be sure to grab your tickets to the Cultivate Festival to make sure you can sample some.

This isn’t the first time Chipotle has teamed up with the ice cream king. In June, Ben and Jerry’s released their new Margarita Pie flavor at the Cultivate Festival in San Francisco.

As of right now, there are no plans to add Margarita Pie or Holy Mole to the Ben and Jerry’s permanent product lineup, but we can hope, right?

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Ice Cream Flavors You Sadly Can't Find Anymore

They say it's better to have licked and lost than never to have never licked at all. Try telling that to the inconsolable ice cream lover who's just discovered (often, the coldest manner possible, via a tweet) that her/his/their favorite flavor of all time has been retired to "The Deep Freeze" or "de-pinted" to the "Flavor Graveyard."

While in the throes of grieving a beloved flavor, it's difficult to see any logic behind the decision to "discontinue." However, as USA Today points out, as a result of increased technology, fierce competition, and rapidly changing trends and tastes, commercial ice cream manufacturers are constantly looking to add new and unusual ice cream flavors to entice consumers, even if that means killing off old favorites.

And yet what they don't always realize when trying to seduce us with the rarefied likes of dill pickle sorbet and Irish whiskey, is that old-school favorite ice cream flavors offer us constancy and comfort. They conjure up happy memories. They pick us up when we're down (and fatten us up to boot). And the best and most beloved flavors sometimes bring us joy. So when, without warning, they're yanked from our freezers, we're left reeling, our bowls and cones sadly empty, our souls and appetites bereft. In the hopes that they'll someday be resurrected (if for a limited time only), here is a selection of some of the most-missed ice cream flavors in America.

15 Things only people who hate chocolate will understand

Statistically speaking, the number of people who love chocolate appears to dwarf that of those who hate it. However, chocolate haters exist, and the problems they face in this chocolate-crazed world are very real.

From the way most dessert menus, grocery stores and candy shops are arranged, you’d think chocolate is the most universally loved substance in the world. Of course, that’s not necessarily true. There are some people who don’t love a nice, dark, chocolaty anything, and these brave souls have a whole slew of problems to deal with that most just don’t.

1. Your significant other has no idea what to get you when he/she messes up

Many a person in a relationship has learned to navigate the rocky waters of relationship struggles with a big box of chocolate, a tub of mint chocolate chip or a big cup of hot cocoa. Chocolate haters in a relationship are likely to find themselves upset at their partner for whatever started the fight and upset because their partner forgot they didn’t like chocolate.

On the other hand, the partner is probably upset because they just spent a ton of money on sweets and now is in even deeper hot water. This leads to a downward relationship spiral that’s more trouble than it’s worth.

2. Russell Stover doesn’t have a box for you

It’s pretty easy to pick up a box of truffles, chocolate-covered cherries or other candies for not much money. The problem? All these designer bites have chocolate. There’s literally not a candy box for your tastes, unless you count a theater box of Mike and Ike&hellip

3. In general, Valentine’s Day is reduced to those weird candy hearts

Go to the store on Valentine’s Day, and you’re greeted with lots and lots of chocolate candy. Want anything else? Maybe you can find red hots. If not, you’re buying yourself a big bag of candy hearts and sending yourself nonsensical love messages&hellip

4. There are only so many desserts that don’t feature chocolate…

If you don’t like chocolate, the dessert menu at a fancy restaurant is your worst enemy. If you’re lucky, you might have one choice without chocolate.

5. &hellip which is a problem when someone makes you a special dessert

It’s even worse if it’s your birthday or a special occasion, because some well-meaning person might just deliver you a special treat. Sure as the sun comes up in the morning, that special dessert will be nice and chocolaty, because who doesn’t love the brown stuff? You know, other than you?

6. It’s nearly impossible to find a good Ben and Jerry’s flavor

Chubby Hubby, Phish Food, Half Baked, Karamel Sutra, Americone Dream, etc., are all brilliant flavors of ice cream&hellip unless you hate chocolate. When you dislike it, you’re really limited to only a handful of flavors, or else you’re going without.

7. Ditto Starbucks

Starbucks sells a lot of mochas and lattes, most of which have some form of chocolate. So, enjoy your caramel macchiato or your plain Jane cup of joe.

8. The only Halloween candy you will eat is terrible

Bit-O-Honey. That’s your fate around Halloween, or maybe, if you’re lucky, some Smarties or something. Why is this true? Because all those bags of fun-sized treats are based on chocolate, and for you, there’s just nothing fun sized about a candy bar.

9. The M&M’S guys won’t believe you anyway

Were you to meet the two spokesmen for M&M’S, they’re not going to believe you’re one of the good guys who won’t eat them. They’ll be just as suspicious of you as of everyone else.

10. Everyone mixes chocolate with another flavor

A lot of thought and creativity go into chocolate and peanut butter, chocolate and mint, chocolate and cherry, chocolate and curry, chocolate and bacon and so on. In other words, the great culinary minds are pouring all their energies into something you won’t eat.

11. Magic Shell caramel just isn’t that great

Magic Shell is chocolate syrup that hardens when poured onto ice cream. The caramel version struggles to set and just doesn’t taste that great. Why, you may ask? Because the Magic Shell makers know most people buy the chocolate variety, so that’s where they sink their R & D dollars.

12. Dessert fondue is right out

Go ahead and find a chocolate-less dessert fondue. It’s OK, we’ll wait.

13. When everyone else gets hot chocolate, you get hot&hellip water?

Hot caramel just doesn’t have the same ring, and neither hot tea nor coffee can fill that same niche for something sweet and warming on a cold winter’s day.

14. Chocolate even invades Mexican food. Mole&hellip Seriously?

Everyone’s so high and excited about mole, a Mexican sauce made from chocolate. Yes, even tacos aren’t a safe refuge for chocolate haters.

15. You have to explain, yes, you actually don’t like chocolate

Lastly, it just gets tedious telling everyone you really hate chocolate and no, you don’t want to try just one bite. It’s enough to make you want to stay home and avoid the chocophiles out there.

Ben & Jerry's Dropped Three Flavors Inspired By Your Favorite Cereals

Ben & Jerry's is never short on creative ideas. From filling pints with a core of gooey caramel to "flipping" its most famous original flavors to dunking "pint slices" in chocolate, the brand has consistently (and happily) surprised us for years. Now the ice cream masterminds have infused not one but three new flavors with your favorite cereals &mdash and it's sending us back to childhood in the best way.

The "Cereal Splashback" lineup &mdash which will be available exclusive at scoop shops and not the frozen aisle &mdash includes Fruit Loot, Frozen Flakes, and Cocoa Loco. They're officially available beginning today and are obvious riffs on Froot Loops, Frosted Flakes, and Cocoa Puffs, respectively.

We got a first taste of these breakfast-y new flavors and we were pretty impressed. Here's how editors rated each flavor:

Frozen Flakes: 4/5

Of all the flavors, this was by far the best. It tasted almost identical to the leftover milk after chowing down on a bowl of Frosted Flakes. Plus, the bits of cereal swirled throughout were still crunchy &mdash we just wish they were a bit bigger.

What Ben & Jerry's Minter Wonderland tastes like

"Seriously, this flavor is going to overload your taste buds with delight," wrote Elite Daily in 2018 of the chocolate mint ice cream mixed with marshmallow and chocolate cookie swirls. If you've been to the UK, you may have picked up a Ben & Jerry's mint ice cream with chocolate chunks that goes by the same name. But don't be fooled, Target's version of Winter Wonderland is a couple of steps improved.

Partly, that's thanks to the marshmallows. Ben & Jerry's "infamous marshmallow swirl is rich and gooey and it's definitely not hard to come by in this pint," noticed Junk Banter, "it's a smooth and satisfying experience." Partly it's the chocolate, which you shouldn't be afraid to let melt. Per The Impulsive Buy "in its melted form, the cream is like a rich, delectable chocolate sauce." Winter Wonderland's cookie pieces help, too, which provide plenty of chewy, gooey texture.

So yes, Winter Wonderland is back on Target shelves, but don't expect it to last long. Social media is already licking its fingers. "This is my last name. I'm gonna have to pick this up!," exclaimed an excited Instagrammer after hearing the news. "Holy yummmmmm. " wrote another.

Ben & Jerry’s Has A Literal Graveyard For Their Discontinued Flavors And Here Are 21 Of The Ones You Definitely Do Not Miss

Ilona Baliūnaitė and
Rokas Laurinavičius

The sweetest graveyard in the world is in Waterbury, Vermont.

In 1997, Ben & Jerry's opened a memorial to their failed, discontinued ice cream flavors. At first, it was an online-only affair, but eventually, a handful of tombstones were mocked up and planted on a hill behind the factory.

Each of the flavors got a hilariously clever epitaph that summed up their life and death, too. There are quite a few fan favorites among the deceased, like Turtle Soup, Fossil Fuel, and of course, Wavy Gravy.

The causes of death range a lot. Some fell ill due to bad sales, while others met stranger fates. The White Russian, for example, was discontinued due to the increasing price of Kahlua flavoring.

Each of the tombstones also has the birth and death dates of the flavors, painting a grim picture of infant mortality among ice creams.

9 Deceased Ben and Jerry’s Flavors We Wish Would Come Back

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We don’t seem to know a good thing until it’s gone and buried in Vermont. Occasionally Ben and Jerry’s needs to clean house and retires some of their ill-performing flavors. Some of the “de-pinted” Ben and Jerry’s flavors are a bit odd but I’m sure you can agree with me that these nine flavors need to be risen from the dead.

1. Dublin Mudslide

Photo courtesy of

Who could possibly resist an Irish cream liqueur ice cream especially when it is all swirled together with coffee fudge. This pint even had a bit of a crunch with its chocolate chocolate chip cookies. We are still searching for a flavor tasty enough to make us jump up and do a jig.

2. Schweddy Balls

Photo courtesy of @benandjerry on Instagram

I love the 90’s. This ice cream was a tribute to a classic Saturday Night Live skit. The rum-infused vanilla ice cream was loaded with rum malt balls dipped in fudge. The perfect dish to curl up in a Christmas sweater and start baking for the holidays.

3. Holy Cannoli

Photo courtesy of

Some of us aren’t fortunate enough to be Italian or live near Carlo’s Bakery but now even Ben and Jerry refuse to fuel my cannoli addiction. You may be wondering how they captured the soft yet crunchy cannoli balance. This ice cream was a ricotta and pistachio mix with chunks of chocolate-covered cannoli and roasted pistachios.

Photo courtesy of

Don’t be deceived. This flavor was full of chocolate ice cream and features swirls of coconut caramel. I’m sure your mouth is already watering and you don’t want me to even mention the chocolate-covered coconut caramel crunch that was overflowing from this dearly departed pint.

5. Tuskeegee Chunk

Photo courtesy of

There is more than enough variety when it comes to chocolate ice cream but we often overlook one of chocolate’s closest friends: peanut butter. This peanut butter ice cream brought some chocolate chunks along for the ride to create the perfect combination of salty and sweet.

6. Cool Britannia

Photo courtesy of

When it is unbearably hot outside and all you need is something light and refreshing, you’ll be out of luck. This vanilla ice cream had a crisp kick of strawberries and shortbread covered in fudge (of course).

7. Urban Jumble

Photo courtesy of

There simply isn’t enough coconut ice cream in this world. If you’re a fan of Almond Joys and Samoas then you’ve truly lost a dear friend. The mixture of chocolate and coconut ice cream features a hodgepodge of both white and dark chocolate chunks, pecans, and almonds.

8. Bovinity Divinity

Photo courtesy of

Yin yang never looked so delicious. Part milk chocolate ice cream with white fudge cows and another part white chocolate ice cream with dark fudge cows. Having this flavor around would certainly bring balance to my life. Or maybe just my tastebuds but that’s good enough.

9. Fossil Fuel

Photo courtesy of

The dinosaurs seem to be having a hard time sicking around. This collection of fudge dinosaurs, chocolate cookie pieces, and fudge was held together by sweet cream ice cream. Can’t a girl munch on fudge dinosaurs and marathon Jurassic Park in peace?

The Ben and Jerry’s site has a page dedicated to all their other under appreciated concoctions. If your life has spiraled out of control since the removal of these flavors from the shelf, then let Ben and Jerry’s know you want them back.

Demand for vegan ice cream

Moreover, Matthew McCarthy is the CEO of Ben & Jerry’s. He told Yahoo Finance: “As a company that has a cow on the package, we’ve been associated with our Vermont farmers for decades now.

“But, our fans want all kinds of different ways to get Ben and Jerry’s euphoric flavors. And that includes dairy but also includes vegan or non-dairy flavors, which we started, really, developing a few years ago…

McCarthy also said: “The more we released, the more fans said – for whatever reason, dietary restrictions, choices, awareness about the carbon footprint of the food choices our fans make – they just kept asking for more flavors.”

Ben & Jerry's Is Releasing a Vegan Version of One of Their Most Iconic Flavors

If you’ve recently (or even not-so-recently) made the switch to a dairy-free or vegan diet, you may have a serious longing for good old fashioned ice cream. Sure, there are plenty of vegan desserts in the freezer aisle these days, but many frozen dairy-free options just don’t mimic the creamy, rich flavor of real ice cream — and even if they do, sometimes you may just miss your old favorite flavor. Well, good news for anyone who’s feeling nostalgic for a Ben & Jerry’s classic: The brand just released one of its most iconic flavors, Phish Food, in a non-dairy, vegan, and gluten-free formula. We can already tell it’s going to taste delicious.

The global brand made the announcement on their Instagram recently writing, “NEW! Your favorite fudge fish and marshmallow swirls have gone vegan! Introducing Phish Food Non-Dairy, the newest addition to the Non-Dairy lineup.”

Who doesn’t love caramel and marshmallow swirled into chocolate ice cream (or in this case, a frozen almond milk base) and studded with fudge fish? Exactly. But if you aren’t into this flavor, Ben & Jerry’s has sixteen other vegan non-dairy dessert options to choose from that mimic their fan favorites. (Interesting side note: Four of those non-dairy flavors — among them another new launch, Colin Kaepernick’s Change the Whirled, are actually made with sunflower butter!)

We’re always excited when major brands expand their offerings and make them more inclusive — after all, everybody should be able to enjoy a scoop (or, ahem, a pint) of “ice cream,” no matter their dietary restrictions.

Last Updated June 23, 2020

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If you’re vegan or lactose intolerant, you know how hard it can be to find good nondairy ice cream. Too many times, plant-based substitutions have a weird aftertaste and just don’t fill that ice cream-shaped hole in our stomachs. Ben & Jerry’s recently released a new batch of nondairy options, so for all my nondairy people out there, I tested some of the flavors to save you the trouble! Luckily for you, we assembled this ranking of the top five Ben & Jerry’s nondairy ice cream flavors, just in time for summer!

1. Netflix & Chilll’d

Holy vegan cow, this is my new favorite dessert. I didn’t think peanut butter ice cream could taste this good, but it’s like eating a frozen candy bar. The salty swirls of pretzel and fudge chips are perfect complements to the peanut butter flavor, and the texture is super creamy. If I hadn’t known, I never would have guessed it’s nondairy — that’s how good it is.

Tastes like real ice cream: 5/5

2. Coconut Seven Layer Bar

Before Netflix & Chilll’d hit the shelves, this was my go-to nondairy option. The base is almond milk, but the almond doesn’t overpower the coconut. What I love about this flavor is that there are so many fun and delicious add-ins: walnuts, fudge chips, caramel and graham cracker swirls each add their own unique texture, making it feel like a more substantial dessert.

Tastes like real ice cream: 4/5

3. Chunky Monkey

This classic Ben & Jerry’s flavor turns out to be just as good without the dairy. The banana and the almond milk base make for a velvety texture sprinkled with a healthy (or unhealthy …) amount of walnuts and fudge chunks.

Tastes like real ice cream: 4/5

4.Milk” & Cookies

This flavor mimics the taste of real ice cream well, but it’s very sweet. However, chock-full of sandwich cookies, it’s the closest any nondairy option gets to recreating the flavor and texture of cookies and cream.

Tastes like real ice cream: 4/5

5. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Cookie dough ice cream is a crowd pleaser, but it’s not always easy to find a nondairy version. The Ben & Jerry’s nondairy version might not be as good as the real thing, but it still hits the spot. Filled with vegan (!) cookie dough chunks, you’ll want to give this one a try.

Tastes like real ice cream: 3/5

We hope this helps when you’re picking your next nondairy ice cream flavor! No matter what brand or flavor you choose, we know you’ll enjoy this refreshing treat to the fullest this summer!

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