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Eggs stuffed with fish

Eggs stuffed with fish

Posted by Moni_alex in Appetizers / Garnishes
10 Apr 2016 | 3474 views

I like fish very much and I prepare it in many ways


  • smoked fish fillets 160 g
  • 5 eggs
  • an onion
  • a pickled cucumber
  • 2 teaspoons mustard
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • a few sprigs of parsley and dill
  • 2 tablespoons mayonnaise
  • salt
  • pepper

Method of preparation

Boil hard-boiled eggs. After they have cooled, clean them, cut them in half and remove the yolks.

I also prepared mayonnaise from a boiled yolk and a raw one, a teaspoon of mustard, salt and oil.

Chop the onion, sour cucumber, parsley and dill.

I had smoked mackerel fillets, took out the skin and cut it into small pieces.

In a bowl I added the fish, onion, cucumber, dill and parsley, I mixed them well and I added the chopped yolks with a fork and I mixed them all at low speed until the composition gets the composition of a pasta.

Add salt, pepper, lemon juice to taste, mix well and finally add mayonnaise. Stir until smooth.

Fill the egg whites with this filling.

I garnished them with red onions and baby spinach.

Good appetite!

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Spring packages Preparation: · Grate the carrot; · ...

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Countertop: I made the countertop the day before and I used a round shape with a pocket ring, diameter 24 cm. I mixed the egg yolks with the sugar, vanilla sugar and rum essence well until ...

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Recipe for eggs stuffed with tuna and mayonnaise sauce

a can of tuna
six boiled eggs
150 grams of mayonnaise
75 grams of sour cream
75 grams of yogurt
two teaspoons of capers in vinegar (optional)
a teaspoon of lemon juice
salt, pepper to taste

  • Preparation for the recipe of eggs stuffed with tuna and mayonnaise sauce
  1. Peel the eggs and cut them in half lengthwise.
  2. Using a teaspoon, remove the yolks and place them in a bowl.
  3. We place the egg whites on a plate or a plate.
  4. Open the can and drain the oil.
  5. We also prepare the mayonnaise sauce: we mix the cream with the mayonnaise and the yogurt.
  6. Drain the vinegar capers and if they are too big, cut them in half
  7. Put the tuna and yolks in a bowl and pass them with a fork (or use an electric blender) to turn them into a paste.
  8. Add a few tablespoons of mayonnaise and sour cream sauce, capers, lemon juice, mix and adjust the taste by adding salt and pepper. If you find the composition too dry, you can add a little canned olive oil.
  9. Using a teaspoon, fill the halves of the egg whites and place them in a yena bowl or plate and pour the rest of the mayonnaise sauce over them.
  10. Garnish with a little green parsley and let cool until ready to serve.

Have a good appetite!

Put boiled eggs in a high pot (capacity 1 l water) for about 10-15 minutes to harden (in water with 1/2 teaspoon of salt to clean easier).

After the cooking time has elapsed, remove the hot water and pour the cold water from the tap to cool the eggs faster.

Then we will peel the eggs and cut them long (in halves).

Carefully remove the yolk from the egg whites, without the egg whites breaking, in an already prepared bowl.

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The yolks will be put on the small grater to grind more easily, then put the butter (at room temperature), the cheese paste and the drained and crushed tuna, mixing everything with a manual mixer until a homogeneous paste is obtained.

We will add the finely chopped chives (or green onions), lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste (this time mixing the composition with a spatula with slow movements).

With the help of a teaspoon, we will fill the egg white halves with the homogeneous paste obtained, placing them on a white platter, decorated with lettuce leaves.

For an appetizing look, eggs filled with tuna can be decorated to your imagination with round black olives and small pieces of donut vinegar.

How to make stuffed eggs

1. Put the eggs in the pan, cover them with water and boil them on high heat for 10-12 minutes or until hard.

2. Carefully crack each boiled egg in several places and put them all in the bowl of ice water. Leave them for at least 1-2 minutes. This will help you peel them better and easier.

3. Peel them, then cut them in two lengthwise.

4. Take out carefully yolks and put them in the mixing bowl. Place the egg whites on a plate or tray.

5. Pass finely the yolks. You can also use a fork for this.

6. Now you add mayonnaise and mustard. The proportion is about 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise to 3 egg yolks. Add the mustard according to taste. Season with salt and pepper and mix. Optionally, you can also put some finely chopped dill. Homogenize.

7. Transfer the composition to the pocket and fill egg whites. If you don't have posh, you can also use a simple teaspoon.

8. Decorate with parsley leaves. This is the classic version. In fact, you can decorate and season them with whatever you like. You can also sprinkle them with chili flakes, if you want.

They can be kept in the fridge for a day, come on, a maximum of two, but after that they are not as good, so consume them as soon as possible. This is not a difficult thing. Guaranteed!

Serbian recipes. Eggs stuffed with fish

Serbian cuisine is characterized by a mixture of various influences, from Hungarian, Mediterranean or Turkish and others.

Serbs eat a lot of pork, but grilled, found as a dish for lunch, but also as an appetizer or appetizer.

Also, many of the Serbian pastries have meat.

Vegetable salads prepared by Serbs are not absent from daily meals.

Below is a proposal for a Serbian recipe - eggs stuffed with fish:

Then peel and cut into two lengthwise slices.

The yolks are removed and passed.

To these are added canned sardines and other ingredients.

At the end, after the mixture is ready, fill the egg white halves with it.

Then they are decorated with parsley leaves, olive slices and donuts.

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Eggs stuffed with pesto

I've told you before, I think - many times, probably - that I "go" often on a lot of culinary sites. And as I am a greedy maaaare, it often happens that a recipe catches my attention and provokes my salivary glands to scandal, which do not subside until I make that food. The same thing happened with these eggs filled with pesto, which I found at Radu Popovici. I didn't have all the ingredients mentioned by Radu at hand, I replaced some, I gave up others, and EVERYTHING turned out absolutely excellent. You have to try them, they are so easy to make and you will impress any guests with them, no matter how grumpy they are :)

ingredients (used by me)

  • 6 eggs
  • 3 tablespoons pesto
  • 3 tablespoons fatty yogurt, buffalo and sheep
  • 1 tablespoon pistachios
  • 1 tablespoon cashews
  • 1 tablespoon grated Parmesan cheese
  • olives for decoration (but also for taste)
  • salt, white pepper

Radu used pine seeds, anchovy fillets and sun-dried tomatoes, I didn't have the icircndem & acircnă and I was eager to taste that pesto wonder, so I adapted to what I had in the kitchen.

So I boiled the eggs more and more. It must be cooked well, it must come out strong.

When they boiled, I heated the pistachios and cashews in a pan.

Then I ground them with a blender. I mixed the ground yogurt, pesto, pistachio and cashew in a bowl. Then I put the parmesan.

I mixed everything with the blender. When the eggs were boiling, I cut them long, took out the yolks and mixed them in the sauce (again with the blender). Then I put the empty egg white halves with a teaspoon of pesto, and I put a slice of olive on each one.

It's very simple, you see? But believe me, they taste awkward. It is good to let them cool for about an hour, before cooking.


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10 ways to cook eggs

There are many ways to cook an egg! And contrary to some people's beliefs, eggs are not dairy ingredients, so people who are allergic to milk or lactose intolerant can eat eggs as part of their diet without any problems.

Eggs are not only important sources of protein, vitamins and minerals, but also delicious, but choose to prepare them.

The problem for many dairy-free diets is that many tasty egg recipes require dairy ingredients such as butter and cheese, but read on to see 10 of your favorite milk-free ways to cook amazing egg.

Sheep eggs are also sometimes referred to as pinched eggs , they are easy and simple to prepare and they are so wonderful! Although most baked egg recipes require cream, butter and cheese, this recipe is completely milk-free, prepared with a simple touch of cream-free cheese, soy milk, soy, tomatoes, spinach. and chives. Feel free to experiment with different types of seasonal vegetables and herbs, and if you have a favorite cheese without milk, spread a little on top!

Devoted eggs, devilish eggs, are essentially just boiled eggs with yolk, whose yolks have been cleaned with mayo and a little cream, then with salt, pepper and paprika. So with a little sour cream without milk, they are a cinch to make without milk. This recipe is my go-to for parties, meetings and snacks try to match different flavors and herbs to change them!

Egg salads are the sides and sandwich fillers usually people love or hate them. I happen to be a person who really likes egg salad, but only when it is one very Hi.

Egg salads are almost always milk-free from time to time I come across one that has cream or yogurt in it, but for the most part, they are prepared with eggs, mayo and usually some vegetables. Indeed, as long as you have a few boiled boiled eggs and a few tablespoons of mayo, you can make a tasty egg salad, stand in the light on the mayo and add some herbs, vegetables or spices and you will have an egg salad that everyone he will love her.

This curry egg salad is a favorite of mine, and, made with low-fat soy yogurt and mayo, is healthier than most!

Broken eggs take a few minutes to prepare, but are welcome added to almost any meal of the day. Try some of these dairy-free serving tips for satisfying meals:

  • Serve the fried egg on top of the toast for a quick and easy breakfast.
  • Using an English muffin without milk, bacon or fried eggs, and a fried egg, make a breakfast sandwich, adding vegetables and cheese without milk, if desired.
  • Serve the fried eggs over the pasta, as with this & quotUnt & quot egg garlic paste. (For this recipe, simply replace the fried potato eggs!)
  • Serve the fried eggs over fried or steamed vegetables, or even over mashed potatoes.
  • Virtually any open-faced sandwich is a fair game for fried eggs!

Boiled eggs are healthy and easy to store for breakfast and quick snacks and can be used for all sorts of good things: salad toppings, egg salads, devil's eggs, to name a few. And if you haven't made boiled eggs before, it's probably easier than you think! Here's how to make perfect hot eggs every time.

One of the most popular brunch dishes, the omelet, is usually loaded with milk in essence, traditional omelettes are prepared in butter and usually also contain a kind of cheese. The milk-free "cheese" omelet is, however, one of the many recipes for milk-free eggs which, with a little nutritional yeast, becomes a fortifying, protein-rich, delicious meal that has a subtle cheese taste and can be filled with any variety of fresh herbs. vegetables, meat or vegetarian meat subtitles for brunch, lunch or dinner.

Here are two of my favorite milk-free egg recipes:

Poaching is one of the simplest and healthiest ways to prepare eggs, it only takes a little know-how! Poaching is just simmering food into the liquid until it is cooked through. Because the eggs are cooked quickly, the liquid is first brought to a boil and then turned off. Then add the eggs and cover until boiling to the desired dose. When you beat the eggs, to keep the egg whites intact, it helps to add a little vinegar to the water (about 1 t to 2-3 cups of liquid).

This recipe for fried eggs over Provencal tomatoes is one of my favorites, combining the sweet acidity of tomatoes with the pronounced egg flavor to highlight Herbes de Provence and is a quick and easy recipe without milk for any dish or meal of the day.

Quiches are parts of eggs of French origin, based on eggs, and like a lot of French dishes, they are usually prepared with a lot of dairy ingredients. Over the years, in the name of my love of food and quiches from France, I have come up with a lot of milk-free and vegan samples of classic plates, from milk-free basic quiches to crust-free versions. This list contains eight of my favorite dairy products, all of which are versatile and open to adding any fresh vegetables, herbs and Dai ry-Free cheese substitutes you have available. So have fun and eat well!

Here are just a few favorites for dairy products:

Exempt eggs are, in my experience, one of the friendliest ways to make eggs, not to mention cheap and easy to make (and fun!), So this recipe is perfect for moms and dads of dairy-free babies! Although most traditional mixed egg recipes require butter, milk and cheese, it is just as delicious without milk. Feel free to add savory vegetables, fresh herbs and milk-free cheese to enrich your dish, and for extra-rich eggs, mix in 2-3 tons of milk-free cream to the egg mixture!

A frittata is essentially a crustless quiche, which is first cooked in a pan on the oven and then transferred to the oven to finish cooking, giving the frittata a wonderful golden brown brown and a uniformly cooked medium. This milk-free Frittata spinach is lighter than traditional versions, using a combination of whole eggs and egg whites and nutritious yeast for a cheese flavor. I prefer to use a cast iron skillet to make frittatas, but any outfit in the oven is fine!


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